My fingertip touches the floor, as the coldness slowly makes its way to my skin

My hair tied up in a bun with some loose strings of hair tickling my neck,

My eyes fixed on my screen as I type these words under the blue, striving skies that make me feel much, much better than I was before the last time I looked at them oh so heavily, making sure their beauty is still seen by forgetful eyes, the ones that always turn back up again when everything on the floor is doomed.

We never amend anything by admiring their importance, see we are used to the ugliness, the ugliness of the streets, the faces we see everyday that hurt us in some way, the crippled dog that no one wants to help because they’re afraid their hands will get dirty, the shitty feeling we get when we go back home to shouts and screams that we just want to mute, see we’re always listening to the nonsense over and over that we start to believe it, we forget who we truly are from time to time.

And it’s just sad how we just let be and our minds are too lazy to think for themselves we get to used to the talk but not our own voices are the one’s talking.

But you see, we have our good moments too, this, writing, is always my good moment. And I hope it’s yours too.

I have too many thoughts but not too many people that would understand.

It feels like it’s just me in a world of question marks.

See the thing is, I know I’m not alone.

I have many hearts that listen.

But only my heart, is truly there.

It sounds ridiculous and stupid, but aren’t we all?

See, sometimes… just sometimes, being alone is just all you need.

A breather… from everything, and everyone.

Inhale deeply beneath all these voices in your head, sense the smell of freshness, of god’s wet skies and musty air, that makes you feel at peace, for once.

Having something like this that distracts you, it’s like a movie where you seem to discover a new story, think about different things, look at things differently, you know, the important shit, that drives you to become a better version of yourself in a way you could never understand, or make sense of, it’s beauty in a different form, a form of which you discover more about who you are instead of what your not.

See one has to know who they really are, to find their place in this shit hole of a world, you need to find something that makes you happy and use that to shine and help others too, as you heard that people are significantly dependent and need us to help them while we grow, while we make a name for ourselves we shall make them names too, we are good people with patient heart that just want to do good, and help our species too.

And you reading this, or listening or sitting in front of me, you too have a soul no one else has, use that, don’t just let it go.

We’re all human after all, our mouths are always moving and so are our hearts to  add more to that is our minds always thinking, see the only thing we’re actually really good at is not shutting up.

It’s been a while since I wrote something and everything is just spilling out, but that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it?

To express how we feel and say it out loud to a group of strangers that know nothing of ours, that’s the beauty of mystery, it never ends, at the end of the day some of us will actually end up as friends.


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