Lose you, lose me.

I stare upon these midnight skies, wondering if you’re okay.

Why is it that we always lose the most precious people in our lives?

You think you’ll last forever but, they change.

They lie.

They hide.

They fear losing you but they never noticed they were losing themselves.

Funny isn’t?

I realize the path that god put me in.

Honey, you were a test.

You were an idea.

You were a best friend.

You were a lie.

If it’s any conciliation, you were the best lie that I ever came across.

Leaving you was the test.

Leaving you made me a better person.

Leaving you was the best yet hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Ha… look at us now…

Guess our infinity was our lie.

Wasn’t it?

Is this what we do?

Love and get screwed every time?

Or is it just me?

You hurt me.

So hard…

But I left… so i guess that’s my role in your path.

Showing you the consequences of your foolish idiotic actions.

And that’s gotta hurt.

Well at least i think it does.

I wish you a life full of happiness.

I wish you a life with no pain like you’ve spent hours telling me about.

I wish you never experience the pain that you’ve made me go through.

I wish you ultimate laughter.

I wish you a better future.

I wish you turn out to be a better person than the one I left.

I wish you the best… but the best was me.


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