Once I became 17…

Oh how I envy the flying birds,They lay at night, and spread their wings eagerly by morning.

I sit here with my English Breakfast tea,

And wonder about this heavenly world that I see. Where no one wants to flee.

I smile as the wind goes through my hair and I suddenly feel like I belong.

Oh how we doubt that now and again.

The trees and wind have a rhythm that makes my heartbeat follow.

I wonder why I don’t feel this beautiful sensation everyday.

We’re so worried, afraid and committed to our traditions and rules, that we forget our routes sometimes…

We’re just trying to find some dimes.

I’m wearing my favorite shirt (My Captain America shirt) yet because of the “rules” I can’t wear it everyday…

Oh how much life clones a play.

We need to seek something that’s bigger and better than ourselves.

Let’s stop for a second, shall we?

Stop worrying,

Stop studying,

Stop arguing,

And start reading….

What do you love to do?

What does it make you feel like?

Do you feel passionate about it?

Do you wanna spend your life living it?…

If you vow to spend your future solving these questions, then you’re inevitably going through the right path.

But are we?

Do you see?

We say things we can’t do, don’t we?

But I’ve reached 17 years today,

And how I envy the birds…

They’re not focused on age, they just…live don’t they….

They go round and round like they’re about to create an epic hurricane.

Don’t you envy them too?

Should I keep going?

One thing I CAN do is have a few minutes to myself.

To breathe, relax and smile like there’s nothing wrong.

So before I go off to the awaiting dark blue wavy ocean,

I have to tell you the truth,

Life sucks, and i know that even though I’m still young.

But you gotta march through it, as if you’re running on clouds.

And stop focusing on these relentless clowns.

And always try to hear the little heavenly sounds.

And get over the hectic frowns.

Don’t worry there’ll be many downs,

But you’ll have an enormous heck of rounds…

……………………………………………………………………… I personally want to thank everyone for reading, liking and commenting on my blogs, it means a lot to be heard, because of you’re awesomeness I’ve hit more than 1K views!!! And I’m so thankful for that and I’m extremely proud of this blog… And because of that I decided to share with you this post as I just turned 17 and my blog has become my new superpower…so…THANK YOU!


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