Judgy fools…

The early hours of hot coffee and almond croissants.Make you wanna wake up every morning with a smirk.

The long lasting breaths we take, sitting with a book by a lake.

Looking up and smiling at the heavenly smell of fresh air, oh how much we care.

Following the circling maneuvers of the numerous birds, oh one does hope one day he feels this free.

Thought that we were made to notice, not to destruct.

Yet again I stand corrected.

We all want to live the life we dream, but i stand here unable to look up.

Walking within these staring eyes of mindless people as if I’m broken in half.

Oh god, they made me laugh.

You wonder why crippled people don’t go out as much as you do, well it’s because of you.

We stare and glare and judge.

It’s what we do.

And we don’t even care, why do we do this you ask?

It’s our nature. Like how our cells notices a virus. And it then it kills it. And so do we, we kill them from inside.

We attack what we don’t understand.

We blame them for the world’s injustices.

We brake them when they’re the ones who need us the most.

We judge them, before judging ourselves.

Why did god separate sins and good deeds?

Because he wanted us to know the difference.

We are built to love.

To be kind.

To be the change you want to see in the world.

Stop bullying, judging, hating, flawing, criticizing, underestimating, raging, fearing people.

We have a flawless brain, that can understand people before creating false accusations.

Be happy and classy, don’t be snappy.

Use your mind to understand.

Because at the end of the day, what goes around comes around.

I dare you to be who you truly are.

Be kinder and happier and smarter than the pitiful trolls that scatter this world.

I love you, whoever you may be.

Be safe and stay that way.

Because we’re all human…Aren’t we?


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