Hold on pain ends

The silent eco of one’s hope,When you are no longer able to cope.

Seeing the beauty of the world,

Yet knowing who petrifying and ugly it is.

Trying to live by the rules, we are all just pitiful fools.

Smiling blissfully and openly,

Hoping that the day would be memorable.

Trying to find love, and hoping it would last.

Daydreaming of our numerous fantasies, knowing truly it would never be real.

Hope is what we hold on to continuously, to shatter all the unnecessary hate.

And then comes fate…

The most unexpected and unreal moments of your life, happen all at once in a millisecond.

God, how can we end up to be someone else?

We think we know who we are but we don’t.

We just try to make it up.

How wondrous it is to wake up everyday with a new beginning, a new start.

Go wild, live! I don’t know go stand in front of a dart!

We ought to believe in something that is much bigger than us.

We must believe in a higher power, a higher knowledge than us.

And i do.

I believe in god.

I believe in hope.

I believe in love.

I believe in fate.

I believe in heaven.

I believe in infinity…


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