You’re only human.

The day gets darker as the demons claw you into the depth of their hatred. Be your own arrow of hope that clears a hole in the dark to arise the missing hope that is lost.

Never shatter or ignite for anyone.

Haters have heartless souls and devour your kindness because they know they can’t be it.

People seek to stab what they don’t understand.

They wander and trick you into feeling victimized, when in fact they cry and drown and don’t know who they are inside.

They see goodness in you and they don’t like it, they want you to hurt because they hurt too.

Hatred is an act of people that are afraid of their own shadow, they feel lost, plastic and have no hope, but consistently vow to show misery to others.

I’m done with pleasing others. I’m so used to being loved, cherished and called the kindest soul that I don’t get the few haters.

I don’t understand why they always treat me badly when all i do i show love.

Why do they have to make me feel low? They block my heart flow.

Is this all we are?

Why don’t we show emotion and love and sacrifice?

Go out there explode, scream!

You are beautiful for being friendly and social.

Haters hate you because you embrace your awesomeness.

You can be yourself and still be loved with all your shapes and forms.

They don’t feel that they can be this good at the end your the one they fear.

Don’t let them get in, consider it a sin.

Shield your smile to the people that deserve it. You got a little fight in you, you’re only human.

You are the best version of yourself.

Love who you are… I believe in you.


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