The edge of doom.

In the olden days, one didn’t care about the online exams and syllabuses.One cared about what they are eating, how are they going to spend their day, week or even their year.

The gentle olden specks of purity.

The persistence of belief in hope and god.

The echo of birds that are calling out to each other, telling life stories or probably greeting their species. 

Why in the morning one might think…They wake up at dawn extremely ecstatic and happy.

They miss each other so much, that chirping all day long doesn’t do the trick.

Now why is this gone nowadays?

Birds used to be admired, fed , painted yet somehow the atmosphere utterly blackened.

Birds are hit , beat , made as a fighting material.

The world has become brutal.




Have you seen what we’ve become?

We make exams, to differentiate between the smart and dumb.

We make the “not smart on paper” people feel vague and useless.

Why do we always have to drive people insane?

Is that all we are? Do you want me to crash with my car?

My dream is far, in a land of hope, happiness and faith.

But we live in a monstrous world, all that it cares about it money, fame and mischief.

It sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Be who you wanna be, but please shield yourself from all the haters and lonely people.

Don’t let them in, they are the reason you wake up with cried over mascara all over your face.

Stop thinking of others and think of you.

It will change you, you don’t have a clue.

Believe in god and yourself, that’s all you need.

So you won’t end up with an enormous amount of greed.


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