You are what you are.

The blurry lights of the street,With my eyes behind my glasses, make everything seem perfect.

 The fine trees that can create a masterpiece of a painting.

The cars and numerous people who have their own problems that they would not want to show.

A girl walking on the dusty black-white sidewalk probably trying to forget her issues and trying to change and shed the light that everyone stole from her. She’s trying to see the beautiful and unique imperfections that made her who she is…

We have to change our damaged paradigms, as the problem cannot be solved from where we were at when we created it.

Why can’t we see the most important personality ethics in people who have imperfections?

Is it partially because of the media, That made size zero the new sexy?

Or is it people?

Men seemed to like skinny more than fat, women made six packs the only thing you need in a handsome fellow, the problem comes from within us, we see things differently, but isn’t that why we have so many false and hideous paradigms?

We seek to find the cause of the problem, but we don’t notice that we are it.

Stop fantasizing and seeing yourselves as something your not, you are the only you nor will anyone ever be.

Even though there are more than a 100 million people on Earth, you exist. 

Your imperfections are what makes you human.

It’s what makes you…you.


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