One does not wait for power, one creates it.

We are the powerless and the weakened when we don’t have the gut to speak out.

To scream from the top of our lungs and feel a nasty burn in our chest, then what do we do next?

We grow everyday, we gain more experiences, more thoughts, more enemies.

But we ought to learn to conquer our fears, use them for our favour… 

Learn to seduce your enemies and to attach the strings to them as your puppets.

Don’t think it’s wrong, cause they do that to you too, but our petty minds think not.

Power is an act, not a feeling.

Strive to change the inner crying self inside of you, that’s what you gotta do.

Act as if you hold something inside that is  utterly powerful, like a magician who’s power is to make you believe that he withstand something extrovert in his long-vague empty fist.

Be the change you want to become.

You’re capable of everything, but fear is always your stopper. Fear is the mind killer, it’s the only thing that can break you.

Be powered by your capabilities. You are the one and only version of yourself, isn’t that enough?

Tho’ much is taken, much abides”


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