I’m not afraid…

Everything seems odd nowadays, just wishing the hellish days end…

Feeling Weak and vulnerable, is this all we should feel? 

Why can’t we run away and have no consequences, or is that so huge to ask? 

Why can’t we throw a message in a flask?

Why can’t we care about any task?

Fear is the humane flaw, you know what the problem is with great leaders? The human part…

As they tend to think more about their family, and they take money they can’t afford to barrow and give it away. 

Mmm, does anyone snitch about it you say?

No, cause they will die… their souls will eventually fly.

I’m sorry “parents” that tend to care, but you can’t put me in four walls and ask me to stay there.

Take my hand, we’ll walk together through the hadean days, and there our hope lays.

It’s not a big deal, your friends might think, well who’s kidding you don’t know the part of me that always sinks.

You feel and you know you’re a salubrious person, you try to help. So why do I always feel the need to yelp?

If I don’t go out and travel, I will live and die here…

Be careful the end is near…

Isn’t clear?

Dare to be dared


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