Countless Foreigners

In the depth of your despair,You ought to think of who created you.

You don’t and actually can’t decide wether you live or die.

Shut your eyes, focus on your breath, and just realize you are not alone.

You think of all the countless desperate people whom want to die but can’t hurt themselves as they know they have a god are any different from you?

I bet you started thinking of why you’re much special…

God created you for a reason.

We are the shallow softened sand beneath the humungous ocean.

Each person is resembled as a tiny grain of sand.

Do you ever wonder how many sand is in the world?

Some in the beach, some in old-dusty buildings, others by the sidewalk.

You are a grain of a smaller world than we know nothing about.

Just small information that scientists shout out to please children and their curiosity.

But is that all?


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