If this all we’re living for, i don’t wanna do it anymore.We are bound to control ourselves and try to convince our potential that it still exists, when in fact it’s almost vanished among the bones of our great grandfathers.

The ache you feel when you don’t know what’s gonna happen, when your brain is the most curious of all.

The god damn fear that makes your back hair shiver… of not knowing what’s gonna happen.

You act like you’ve got it together, when you frankly don’t.

Breathe they say, relax.

But let’s look at the facts… 

People fear what they don’t understand.

Why do you think scientists are worried and researching everyday, experimenting on elements and creating new ones, they are trying to soothe themselves…by discovering more, they open the unknown door.

You’re never truly alone, until you’ve reached the point of fantasy.

But is it worth it?

To live with no purpose?

To dance without a partner?

Or do we exist for something much more?

Ask yourself that until you’re soar.

We live to pray, learn, discover.

Not to yield and lean on the floor.

Again, people fear what they don’t understand.

So…be the fear in one’s eye.


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