Happy. New. Year

Of all the great victories of our lives,You only get one moment of utter happiness.

The fine breath of air you wish you inhaled before,

The dimple that shines on your cheek.

It resembles the miraculous miracle of your satisfaction.

One does not wait for that moment,

One creates it.

The cowardice cliches of marriage and that you have to wait for “the one” to come and change you.

Though one cannot be changed.

You think while growing up of why we do what we do?

We study to please professors and parents, but never for ourselves.

We never get that wondrous breath of heavenly air because we don’t let ourselves breathe…

We need permission.

After all, we are a bunch of bodies attached with narrow arteries to a brain.

See we ought to think, before we do.

Overthinking is our humane flaw.

It sheds us from the hideous consequences, and consequently blocks our upcoming actions upon it.

Why do we do that you ask?

It’s who we are.

Humans intend to think and process info before doing any action.

Again, we ought to think.

After all, god created us like this to show us how important it is to think,

So do you?

My friend, reaching your goal, your New Years resolution, anything or even the marvelous breath.

Do think, but not of the consequences,

But the action.


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