Am I waiting too long?

The days go by, with a doughful sigh.

Clocks ticking, tho i feel like im sinking.

High fives here and there, but they don’t even care.

It’ll be okay they say, god! What a play…

Common let’s dream, maybe we’ll find the wondrous gleam.

Shout out, screem, it will always end in a bleam.

It’s never too late to get a good of a hell drive, so why not strive?

Let’s fall in love, and be happy. 

But honey it’s all a lie, you’ll end up wanting to die. 

Many many cheats of the world, that seize and die with a cut of a sord.

I want to live like today is my last day, isn’t that okay?

I wanna climb a mountain high, not intimidated by good byes.

Let’s go out there and surprise them all, not to be afraid of the massive high fall.


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