Outgrowing people.

So guys my best friend (let’s say she’s called Mia) was the best. She was always there for me and we were as thick as thieves… but we grew apart, I don’t know is that possible?

I always thought having a best friend would be like finding your soulmate, that you could never ever say something to hurt each other. But life isn’t perfect i guess right?

Is it me though? Did i change? Because I think that everyone changes, but that shouldn’t drive a wondrous person away from your life, it shouldn’t drive mia away should it?

Mia started to hang out with another clique at school, whom i hated btw. I mean we had our own song that we claimed for ourselves…“Those were the days my friend.” I guess most of you guys know it. Mia started to go out with me less, to be honest i did to (not the only one who made new friends…) I started to see her with a different image, idk what was it, it was like she’s someone else, Mia wasn’t the best friend and the girl i always saw her as…

Well, I guess it’s all for the best. Cause I made friends now that i can never, ever live without, they’re my bread and butter now. Is that how life really works? You make friends that you think are the ones you’ll never forget, but they outgrow like a tree, and you’d be that leaf that falls off the tree. 

If you’ve experienced this… comment below and share your story, I’d love to hear it!


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