Here we go again…

Here we, days are passed.The clocks circled.

Just waiting for the day to end,

Our past lives have been filled with misery no one can describe.

Even though you don’t understand what to do with your meaningless life…you’re consistently asked to look forward.

Look for the shrine of light in your darkness, the song in your daydream, the cloud in your clear blue sky, the problem in fact is that you don’t get to choose who you are. You were born like this, a magnificent wondrous baby girl raised and accompanied everyday as the sun rises and sets.

How pretentious is it to believe you are someone you’re not… To live a lie believing you are the perfect child. 

Grow up getting good grades and going to college then you find yourself growing money on trees…Then you get married, have kids and a have tremendously happy family.

The next thing you know you wake up in the morning, not knowing what you’ve accomplished. Wether it was for you or the world.

You regret every single day you’ve lived and curse the day you were born.

Get out there, live your dream before you end up lost in a gleam. 


2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. This is so true. Everyone should try to live their dreams. People often regret the things they didnt do more than than the things they actually did.. Keep up the great work ya rody duck❤


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